I want to wish for You a brave 2015 and this is sort of an invitation for us to ‘DARE GREATLY (http://brenebrown.com)  together.  I know you have some fears now competing with your desires, and because you are so much of a hero for me, I didn’t recognize it at first.  But thank you, as it made me realize that we are all human, and vulnerable and imperfect and afraid; this is helping me lean to into my vulnerability and to be OK with it.  I just want to assure you that I am here and that anything you wish to do, for your happiness, I will endorse.  I have had my share of mess-ups and you have never made me feel like I was stupid or a failure or just some love sick puppy;  I thank you for not judging but for being empathetic. I am so grateful for that, as not many people can give that or truly receive that blessing. That truly endorsed the adage, that we must give what we want to receive, that we teach what we most need to learn.


That’s because we need each other more than we recognize, to keep our feet on the ground and head out of the clouds.  But hey, don’t wait for an admission on this from anyone, ‘our greatest vice is pride’ you love to say that, so one step at a time, one day at a time, whether you see the palpable change or not; no one can hear this message and not internalize it.  What you are looking at is built/constructed over a lifetime it won’t change by a few years of admonition, but only from a constant steady message of truth, delivered with grace.  Don’t worry too much about the backlash, or  the constant shenanigans; those are merely fear-based responses………. because none of us like to be jolted from our comfort zone or to be told the truth.


What I am thinking is that part of our disappointment is due to our pristine and perfect, utopian  perception of humans, whooopsss that’s discordant with Adam’s fallen race…….where did we get that by the way?  What I am learning from this, and I know you are too, is that no NOT one is perfect, we are all practicing…. Although we at times would want to believe otherwise. But even more than that, recognize that the panacea, the power is in your own hands, so change your perception of the situation and see if the picture itself doesn’t change. I am going to recommend too that instead of trying to go against the tide, count to ten and then tap inside for a compassionate response and see how it works.  This will be hard, as its harder to practice compassion and kindness, harder to go the extra mile, harder to  turn the other cheek, and do good to those who hurt, hate or persecute us.  But what choice do we have?  What’s the alternative?  Can we afford not to?


All of us, every single one of us wants to be loved, needed, valued, vindicated, appreciated and understood. So whatever you wish for yourself, go for it, go right ahead, ‘if only’ only comes after.  I am recommending you listen to these songs ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit and Lee Ann Womack’s ‘ I Hope you Dance” (Youtube them) beautiful songs. Also, read Theodore Roosevelts ‘ its not the critic who counts’ this is a source of inspiration for me……… I want nothing more than to live a life of faith, courage and freedom ( and in that order). Its a train ride my friend, we don’t know when our stop will arrive and the destination is definitely eternity.


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