37 Things I am grateful for!!!!!

1. My growing affinity with Prayer and Faith
2. My Mother and Stepmom
3. Who I am
4. Some Healthy relationships with friends and family
5. Financial acumen
6. Peace of Mind and Contentment
7. Quiet spaces and times
8. Books and the Bible
9. Employment/ Work
10. Love & Hope
11. Forgiveness
12. Exercise
13. Fresh Air & Flowers
14. Clean water
15. The Car
16. Freedom and Human Rights
17. Health
18. Laughter and Sleep
19. What’s app and the Internet
20. A bed to myself
21. Mistakes
22. Creators and Innovators
23. Courage and Conviction
24. Ability to see clearly, think fairly, hear audibly, smell sweetly, write legibly and
25. A spiritual routine
26. Schools
27. Challenges, opportunities, experiences and Obstacles
28. The Airplane
29. Credit cards
30. My teaching years
31. Choice
32. My home
33. That I have found myself without much casualties
34. That I have enough, and I can still offer my time, energy, ability and resources to
35. No traffic congestion
36. Rain and sunshine
37. Oprah and Super Soul Sunday


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