I have heard of change, but all the theories postulated about change management and resistance to change are not adequate preparation for actual change. And you can google all you want, if you don’t know east from west or north from south……you are in for a rude awakening.

This sojourn began after I decided to change location- a leap of faith if I had ever taken one. Now I dont know why I like extremes but this is a chronicle of my experience, I have assigned stars to explain.

-20 to -35 degrees Celsius – no stars, but boots, scarves, coats and gloves definitely worth it (give me nine more days- don’t say a word) it’s a good winter is the catch phrase.

Static blanket and nuff electric shock- no stars

Voluntary unemployment – no stars ( be grateful for your job)

For the first time in my life I realized I really don’t need TV, four point five  stars

Reading- yes . Five stars

From being the caller, to waiting on friends and family to call. Zero, zero, zero stars

Talking to my peeps each and everyday, a real blessing. Couldn’t go on without that- Did I ever tell you am grateful for what’s app? Well it’s worth repeating!!!!! Five star experience

From doing little domestic chores to juggling work and daily chores – three stars – although I really needed this. Hats off to working parents!!!!

Learning new things and re-learning old things – five star experience- like figuring out the vacuum cleaner, taking the bus and loading the laundry card. 😂😂😂😂😂

More walking – five stars – I really need  to take the stairs more often though

Healthy eating – three stars – I am a junkie and I firmly believe in eating whatever I want, whenever I want- life is too short!!!do I hear you judging me?

Mall within walking distance- still deciding how many stars for that.

A job, an accounting job, – five stars. I am blessed and forever grateful- the result of endless prayers. Wonder how long I will have this mindset for?

My mom being okay- definitely five stars………

Having a friend smooth the path, five stars and figuring out some on your own…. It goes without saying.

A  spiritual routine- it keeps me alive.- five stars

So I came, I am seeing, I am conquering moment by moment,  bit by bit. The journey is far from complete


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