IMG_1475[1]Nothing takes by breath away as much as nature does.  Trees graceful and elegant…. flowers blossoming, honeybees roving, leaves and grass multiple hues of green, fruits ripe and sweet, butterflies, sunshine, vegetables, blue-green waters, cascading waterfalls, bluffs, valleys and peaks, meandering and unassuming rivers, coves and bays. Oh, the order and flow of nature, the patience- perfect timing. If only we would take our cues, everything would be so much easier.  Then there are the seasons- the flavors of spring, pristine winters, the colors of fall, the heat of summer.

I feel blessed and privileged to have seen it all, but is there posterity? Are we doing enough to ensure our children’s children experience it too? We live in a dump because we love to dump. Why is a KFC chicken box seen on roadways miles away from the nearest franchise? And when we have the annual pre- Christmas de-bushing exercise, have you ever noticed the disgrace? When did we stop slash and burn and replace it with throw or stack? I wish we would see the correlation between hurling our boxes and bags and natural disasters. And it’s not enough to even think or say that someone has a job, that’s not good enough.

Global warming is wreaking enough havoc, lets resolve to do our part. You in your small corner and I in mine.


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