Virtues & Vices

Total Forgiveness,
Unwavering Compassion,
Absolute Patience
Complete Gratitude
Impeccable Integrity
Unconditional Kindness
Unending Love
Real Humility and Contentment
Peace perfect Peace

“I will never forget that….. That’s not fair…….. I didn’t deserve such treatment.”
“I am sorry, but you shouldn’t have done that?
Or I don’t feel sorry for you or for him, he got what he had coming, you reap what you sow.”
And, how about? “I can’t wait any longer, time expired I must do what I have to do”
Then, “how can I be thankful for that?”
“I want more, that’s not enough!!!!”
“Oh I can’t afford to lose out on all that cash!!! Just this once, I will do it!
This is black mail!!!!!
“Why can’t you just make the decision, what’s stopping you?
How could you do that? I could or would never do that!”
How could you even sleep or eat with all that’s going on? I have lingering doubts – something is not right!!!”

The yin yang of life……………….the perpetual internal struggle towards character. It seems weird -that to get to good we must endure evil; to realize virtue we fight vice, to reach perfection we must overcome sin. But that’s how it seems to work, and it’s very effective!!! Scripture is replete with the examples of these internal conflicts, impure motives and egregious actions which serves as reminders and admonishment for us to overcome evil with good, to love our enemies, to lose our life in order to gain life……. Think about King Solomon and King David, the Prophet Elijah, the Patriarchs Abram and Moses. Then of course my favourite Joseph, Jacob’s son. He was loved by his father, hated by his brothers, did the right thing but landed in jail for it. Talk about a raw deal, talk about unfair, take some time and get in his mind or further yet see yourself experiencing all he endured. But it all redounded to good…. No doubt without being sold into slavery he would never have gone to Egypt, met the Pharaoh become PM, wore the ring and saved his family’s life. The Yin Yang of life…he was chosen by God whose wisdom is higher and deeper than our finite short-term thoughts. Then why is it so hard to let go and trust God?

The Plea
“Where is he?” you exclaim,
When I cry out for help, “Where are you?” “Are you listening, are you hearing me call?”
Can I reassure you that he is always near, always listening, always gracious, always forgiving, always merciful……..Are we our own barrier? Do we understand trust? To get to trust we must surrender and freely choose him, as free will is for that purpose too. Who contends that submission is easy? Far from it, and it’s not weakness either, it’s purely wisdom. So firstly, we first need to fall in love with Jesus, then we need to pay attention, then we will learn to hear the small, sweet, still voice.

He says “in my time, my way, for my purpose …….if we only would allow him to. But then even when we mess up, he promises he will mop up. All things work for good, but for who? Oh it is so true we are impatient, and we have a backward view of justice. We think life is unfair, but you know what is unfair………unfair is that we do so much harm and evil – deliberately and ignorantly, and we will not be given just punishment- Mercy, unfair is that we receive what we hardly deserve – Grace.


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