God’s Will

His Sovereign Will.……will always be accomplished….Psalms 89 v 34 and Numbers 23 v 19. It cannot be broken, it always comes to pass. Isaiah 55 v 11

God will and does change his mind about us at times, but not about his commands or his divine will. Just as he did with Jonah and Nineveh, and with Abraham’s plea for Sodom.

So he wants all kinds of people to be saved…and he is lovingly waiting on us but he won’t wait forever…Ezekiel 18 v 32 & 1 Timothy 2 v 4 & John 3 v 17 & 2 Peter 3 v 8-9.

That the righteous inherit the earth….. and live forever on it.  Psalms 37 v 29.

His Will of Command..…….

Love your god with all your whole being. Matthew 22 v 37-38, Deuteronomy 6 v 5,  10 v  12. And if you do then you will seek God’s Kingdom first, Matthew 6 v 33 and Psalms 37 v 4.

Then we should become baptized and teach/share with others especially using our gifts- Acts 2 v 38, 1 Peter 4 v 10-11, Matthew 9 v 37-38 and 28 v 19-20, Luke 12 v 48

Once that is Out of the way then John 13 v 34-35, Matthew 22 v 39, John 15 v 12, Romans 12 v 10 and 13 v 8-10 become imperative.

And we will know not to judge, Matthew 7 v 1

But practice loyalty, act justly and walk modestly with him . Micah 6 v 8

That will make it easier to become sanctified and avoid fornication and adultery . 1 Thessalonians 3 v 4 and  Hebrews 13 v 4.

And as unnatural and paradoxical as 1 Peter 3 v 17, is we will comply.

So we will not become unequally yoked with unbelievers. 2 Corinthians 6 v 14

And when we err or are wronged as we will, we will seek and practice forgiveness every single time …. be kind and compassionate. Ephesians 4 v 32 & Colossians 3 v 13, and Matthew 6 v 14 and chapter 18 v 21-22

Always remember to meet together, encourage each other and incite each other to fine works. Hebrews 10 v 25

Obey his Commandments…. Exodus 20 v 1-17, Matthew 5 v 17-37

Turn the other cheek, love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you, do not repay evil with evil. Matthew 5 v 44-46 , Luke 6 v 35, 1 Peter 3 v 9 , Romans 12 v 14.

Commemorate his sacrifice for us  1 Corinthians 11 v 23-26, Matthew 26 v 26-30 and Mark 14 v 22-26

Wait Patiently on him…..and Exercise faith in Jesus Christ  Psalms 27 v 14 and John 14 v 6


The Walk

Man on porch-book in hand, kids at play……
Today its a busy, but rainy and sunny day……
Gulping clean fresh spring air, from a subtle chill
Couples, joggers, bikers, strollers like me and dog-walkers too
Lady tending to her flower patch, as sun hide away in the sky
more hours to come before the night draws nigh.

Gingerbread houses, Georgian too……
Chimneys and Colonial architecture, no two are alike…..
Brick and board, stucco and wood, hardly cement but
hey the seasons decide.
Cobble-stoned squares join pavements, paths, trails and grass,
Picket fences, park benches, rock gardens with brass
Churches, mini-marts, clinics and stores… Little communities in between the view

Crescents, lanes, ways and parks
Ponds with ducks and lakes with larks
Flower pots, shrubs, peonies, daisies, roses in bloom
Pink, yellow, mauves, reds and blues
For sale, sold and rentals inside,
Lampposts and other signs of various kinds.
Tree-lined streets with cars parked in rows
Patios, decks, manicuring, all aligned as pews

Variety, diversity, wonder and awe
It keeps me calm, its done too soon.
How grateful I am…… for eyes to see, ears to hear
Sensation to feel, so much to do I can’t get to chew.
Dear creator, please keep me sane, grounded and true
I never want to grow tired of spring with its cues.

What you see may not be what you get!!

I love a good, belly laugh…….

I plan, I prepare, I take note, I have a plan B, I will take a risk and I procrastinate. I argue but do not confront, I question, I debate, I have an opinion, i

I hate to wash anything and everything. I am not endeared to the kitchen, but know the roles I have to play.

I will not volunteer information until I am good and ready and only to whom I assess worthy, yes I keep secrets.

I will tell you my favourite colour is red, but I can never resist blue in all its hues.

I love silence, solitude, and solitary spaces.  I like to be with my thoughts and to delve in my mind.  But I also love to chat, I talk alot. A paradox, maybe not.

I will forget your birthday and other milestones, please don’t hold it against me- of course you can forget mine too…. no biggie.

I have OCD, am a junkie, a stickler for time, and I like my own way (weakness). I love a good page turner- book-in-hand kinda girl.

Am old fashioned………

I value faith, family and friendship …. I love ice-cream, stew peas and tuna sandwiches……… all in that order.

I won’t ‘peep’ in your pot…………………

I don’t think I am the most friendly person you’ll meet, but I think I do make a great friend.

I hate routine, mix it up, surprise me, make me guess…….

I love daytime, sunshine, mornings especially, light. Hate nights, not very nocturnal.

I am training myself to listen more, I mean actively listen more and to stop interrupting…..to be more patient and to learn just how to let go, how to let birds fly.

I want children if possible, but only with the ‘right’ partner, I will marry but hopefully not to the ‘wrong’ person.

Am a dove, a lamb, a saint….. I can’t hurt a fly. My bark is greater than my bite, I write better than I speak.

I pay attention, analyze and strategize, I have a reason and I need one too.

Some call it arrogance, some say I am overbearing, others still just ignore me. But I don’t mind I like being me.


I will never forget……

  • 9-11 They say there are some events that when they happen you will never forget where you were……. I had just finished an exam at Old Library UWI- M. Sc Accounting Program.
  • First day on Campus- If I could walk home I would….. I have never felt so alone since that. Funny that I felt that way with so many people around. Good thing I didn’t know how to catch the bus from Kingston to home, neither did I know anyone who I could ask to take me home. Reminds me of a war adage “never look back, look back and you are dead”
  • First Heartbreak- How can your heart (if is it the heart) hurt so tangibly?  It heals with time though…. but each heartbreak gets progressively worst.
  • Common Entrance results 1989- I cried, I cried, I cried…..and they were not tears of joy.  The mind of a nine year old hardly knew that concept anyway, I didn’t want to leave everyone I knew behind…. who would I know now? Or perhaps that deluge expressed the confusion and distress of a single mom who didn’t know what to do.
  • First day at High School- I fainted!!!!!
  • First day in a High-Rise…..I saw the world from a totally different perspective and I loved it. I never miss an opportunity since that time to view time & space aerially….it’s just magnificent. The CN tower, the Eiffel Tower, The Calgary Tower…….scared as I was.
  • The Ackee Tree at home that would bear fruits looking like special pieces of art….it was my pleasure to pick them up and name each…. I found roosters, rabbits, pigs, squirrels, carrots,mangoes, tomatoes, rats even….Imagination- maybe. But that ackee tree was real.
  • My grandmother- I didn’t know her before her blindness but I remember her sitting/lying each day in our thatched-roof kitchen on her make-shift bed. That is where I was first introduced to RJR and ‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’. That was my first lesson in resilience, accepting the things you cannot change, and still having peace. She never complained or bemoaned her condition, she laughed more than ever. And don’t mention her keen sense of hearing… she I tell you, could literally hear when a ‘pin drop’.
  • That my mom never ‘controlled’ my destiny, I was always allowed to chart my course within boundaries. She lived for me, my interest was always above hers- even when what I wanted deprived or even hurt her, she did not interfere if in her mind it was all for good.  She taught me selflessness and independence.
  • That I didn’t miss my dad, until it was too late…… Until I realized I had to learn for myself- on my own, how to relate to men. That I didn’t miss him because no one else had their’s around, or even if they did they never were part of the equation.
  • June 1986- the first time I saw the effect of incessant rainfall- too much is just as bad as too little. Mother nature’s distress, an unbelievable inundation- people came from near and far as witnesses- others swam.
  • The first time I rode in/on a vehicle, Lloyd Ledgister’s blue van. I held on for dear life, (as if it didn’t, somehow I would fall out) I couldn’t stop laughing (to this day I don’t know why). I was moving at a pace I did not control- and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why the trees and buildings were moving too. It was definitely over too soon.
  • Saying goodbye to my mom on all occasions- and recognizing every time that we live so much of this life alone. Alone with the consequences, alone with thoughts, alone with our pain & pleasures, alone with our decisions……. unless we communicate them and even then, we are still alone.
  • Hurricane Ivan- mother nature again, in distress – didn’t realize until then that the wind could move me if it wanted to- or that I could stay wide awake for 24 hours. But what was I thinking? If it can uproot trees and remove roofs, then I am child’s play.
  • When advertising was unsophisticated- Do you remember the Grace Tomato Ketchup muppets? .. What about TV back then? The Huxtables…….. I got my first ‘beating’ because of them.
  • Playing  golf in my front yard with my cousins for a whole summer, I am still unaware of the rules of golf.
  • Pam & Patsy- I will never forget Patsy…. she would never forget to bring me a patty from Junction whenever she promised it to me, on her walk to work. And my God mother Pam, there was never a birthday nor Christmas when I didn’t get a card with cash. Be kind to a child today.
  • Two ‘friends’ who really showed me what unkindness meant………from that day forward I realized that I must always have food when I am hosting and that it takes nothing to stop and say hello…….and if you can’t stop then apologize after.
  • When I found myself, when I learnt to say no without feeling guilty, when I learnt that honesty without compassion is cruelty,  when I learnt to apologize, and when I learnt that Life is Unfair!!!!