What you see may not be what you get!!

I love a good, belly laugh…….

I plan, I prepare, I take note, I have a plan B, I will take a risk and I procrastinate. I argue but do not confront, I question, I debate, I have an opinion, i

I hate to wash anything and everything. I am not endeared to the kitchen, but know the roles I have to play.

I will not volunteer information until I am good and ready and only to whom I assess worthy, yes I keep secrets.

I will tell you my favourite colour is red, but I can never resist blue in all its hues.

I love silence, solitude, and solitary spaces.  I like to be with my thoughts and to delve in my mind.  But I also love to chat, I talk alot. A paradox, maybe not.

I will forget your birthday and other milestones, please don’t hold it against me- of course you can forget mine too…. no biggie.

I have OCD, am a junkie, a stickler for time, and I like my own way (weakness). I love a good page turner- book-in-hand kinda girl.

Am old fashioned………

I value faith, family and friendship …. I love ice-cream, stew peas and tuna sandwiches……… all in that order.

I won’t ‘peep’ in your pot…………………

I don’t think I am the most friendly person you’ll meet, but I think I do make a great friend.

I hate routine, mix it up, surprise me, make me guess…….

I love daytime, sunshine, mornings especially, light. Hate nights, not very nocturnal.

I am training myself to listen more, I mean actively listen more and to stop interrupting…..to be more patient and to learn just how to let go, how to let birds fly.

I want children if possible, but only with the ‘right’ partner, I will marry but hopefully not to the ‘wrong’ person.

Am a dove, a lamb, a saint….. I can’t hurt a fly. My bark is greater than my bite, I write better than I speak.

I pay attention, analyze and strategize, I have a reason and I need one too.

Some call it arrogance, some say I am overbearing, others still just ignore me. But I don’t mind I like being me.


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