The Walk

Man on porch-book in hand, kids at play……
Today its a busy, but rainy and sunny day……
Gulping clean fresh spring air, from a subtle chill
Couples, joggers, bikers, strollers like me and dog-walkers too
Lady tending to her flower patch, as sun hide away in the sky
more hours to come before the night draws nigh.

Gingerbread houses, Georgian too……
Chimneys and Colonial architecture, no two are alike…..
Brick and board, stucco and wood, hardly cement but
hey the seasons decide.
Cobble-stoned squares join pavements, paths, trails and grass,
Picket fences, park benches, rock gardens with brass
Churches, mini-marts, clinics and stores… Little communities in between the view

Crescents, lanes, ways and parks
Ponds with ducks and lakes with larks
Flower pots, shrubs, peonies, daisies, roses in bloom
Pink, yellow, mauves, reds and blues
For sale, sold and rentals inside,
Lampposts and other signs of various kinds.
Tree-lined streets with cars parked in rows
Patios, decks, manicuring, all aligned as pews

Variety, diversity, wonder and awe
It keeps me calm, its done too soon.
How grateful I am…… for eyes to see, ears to hear
Sensation to feel, so much to do I can’t get to chew.
Dear creator, please keep me sane, grounded and true
I never want to grow tired of spring with its cues.


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