Are you an Adult?


If you are:

Feeling the drudgery of life, and think the days and weeks are getting shorter

Married, re-married, separated, divorced or have remained single (by choice or force)

Thinking  that contemporary music sounds like noise

Anticipating, worrying, and then worry some more, found to your dismay that worrying is pointless, and then stop worrying……until (vicious cycle)

Depriving yourself and delaying gratification

Happy then heartbroken, lively and then lonely, restless, anxious, bored and busy, filled with faith and doubt.

Looking with disdain on micro minis and short shorts

Having a few anxious medical moments and have thought about having/not having kids.

Cooking your own dinner, bought your own bed and paid your own bills, defaulted and have been in and out of debt.

Staying home alot recently, willfully or not.

Self- sacrifing and selfless, felt ingratitude, provided solicited and unsolicited advice, been embarrassed or have had to defend yourself.

Restless, moved out, move back in then moved out again of your parent’s house

Making many mistakes, and have called yourself asinine- a few times

Hearing yourself say the things your parents said

Having your parents calling- no waiting on you, for approval and advice

Gaining and Losing friends

Seeing your nieces and nephews (ūüôąūüôąūüôąGod forbid) or kids wearing make-up, or who no longer think pony tails, ribbons and frills are cute, are rolling their eyes and exhibiting mood swings.

No longer believing in Santa Claus and learnt the truth about Cinderella.

Hired, fired, promoted, demoted, resigned or just quit.

Realizing your friends are been called ‘Grandma’ or ‘Grandpa’

Cultivating a ‘NO’ muscle, have bitten your lips and counted to ten, apologized and frequently speak your mind¬†.

Being ¬†too emotional or very objective about family and friends’ decisions.

Not remembering names and faces

Creating a budget and write everything else down.

Suddenly thinking about retirement, wills, mortgage, health and life insurance!!!’



Then you are an adult- a complicated species of the human race.



The things they say……

welcome-to-parentingYour parents say: “A no everything good fi eat, good fi talk……AND… If talk worth shilling, silence worth pound..AND…… ” if yuh don’t have good fi sey, don’t see nothing”

The Bible says: ” Be quick to hear, and slow to speak…… Learn to bridle your tongue…….James 1 v 19 and v 26 and Colossians 4 v 6. Learn to restrain your words Proverbs 17 v 27-28, ¬†Ecclesiastes 3 v 7, Proverbs 15 v 23, 29 and chapter 12 v 18.


Your parents say: ¬†“Show me your company, tell you who you are”

The Bible says ” Bad Associations spoil good habits” (1 Corinthians 15 v 33, Proverbs 13 v 20)


Your parents say: “Onnu nuh match, not over my dead body”

The Bible says: “Do not be unequally yoked” (2 Corinthians 6 v 14)


Your parents say: “Bird in the hand worth two in the bush”

The Bible says:  Better to enjoy what the eyes see than to wander after desires, this is futility, chasing after the wind (Ecclesiastes 6 v 9)


Your mother says “Let bygones be bygones”

The Bible says: “Forgive your brother” Colossians 3 v 13 et al)


Your parents say: “Manners carry you through the world”

The Bible says: “Train up a child the way he should grow and it will not depart from him” (Proverbs 22 v 6)


Your parents say: “Spread your bed hard, you lie down in it”

The Bible says: Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows that he shall reap…”(Galatians 6 v 7)


Your parents say: ” ¬†nuh hang yuh basket where you can’t reach it…….learn fi creep before yuh walk”

The Bible says: “In all circumstances be content……… in plenty and in need be content with what you have” (Hebrews 13 v 5 and Philippians 4 v 11)


Your parents say: “When you a dig pit- dig two, you spit in the sky it fall inna yuh face”

The Bible says: ” Do unto others what you would have them do to you” Matthew 7 v 12 and Luke 6 v 31. Do not put a stumbling block in your brothers way (Romans 14 v 13)


Your parents say: ¬†” Don’t back ansa me gal”

The Bible says: ¬†“Children obey your parents……….for this is right.”Ephesians 6 v 1

Your parents say: “two sides to every story”

The bible says: “the man who states his case first, seems right until the others come and examine it” Proverbs 18 v 17


Your parents say: “good yuh do, will follow you”

The Bible says: ” Do not grow weary of doing good, for you will reap in due time if you do not give up” Galatians 6 v 9 and 1 Peter 3 v 14


Your parents say: “you yeye too big fi yuh stomach”

The Bible says : “If you can be trusted with little, you will be faithful with much but if you are dishonest with little, you will be dishonest with much” (Luke 16 v 10)


Your parents say: “don’t tek up people things, stop telling lies and don’t red yeye”

The Bible says: ” Do not steal, do not lie, do not covet…..” (Exodus 20 v 15,16,17)


Your parents say: ” Yuh tek up the world pon you shoulder…… poun a fret caan pay ounce a debt”

The Bible says: ” Do not worry about your life, about what to eat or drink, or what to wear……….or about tomorrow, each day has sufficient worries of its own……” Matthew 5 v 25-34


Your parents say: ¬†“One one coco, full basket”

The bible says: ” Be patient, wait on God ……..submit yourselves to him” Psalms 27 v 14, James 4 v 7


Your parents say: “if you nuh mash ants belly, you nuh know wha inside a dem”

The Bible says: ¬†“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks…”Luke 6 v 45


Your parents say: “Don’t be ungrateful child”

The Bible says: “Give thanks in all circumstances ….. for everything”(1 Thessalonians 5 v 18)


Your parents say ¬†” Tick bruk off inna yuh aise, who can’t hear will feel”

The Bible says : “Listen to advice and heed discipline….” (Proverbs 15 v 22 & 19 v 20)


Your parents say: “Greedy choke puppy….. want all- lose all”

The Bible says: ¬†” Beware of becoming greedy…. (1 Timothy 6 v 9-10)


Your parents say: “Tek di matter out of your eye, before you tell smaddy fi dweet”

The Bible says: ¬†“Examine yourselves first (Luke 6 v 41)……”do not judge” (Matthew 7 v 1)


Your parents say: “Can lead horse to water, but can’t force him to drink”

The Bible says: ” Each person must be convinced in his own mind”(Romans 14 v 5)


Your parents say: “Bend the tree when it young”

The bible says: ¬†” Do not spare the rod, and spoil the child”Proverbs 13 v 24 and Hebrews 12 v 7


Your parents say: “Good friends better than pocket money”

The bible says: “A friend loves at all times and is a brother born for times of distress” Proverbs 17 v 17




Nobody makes it alone

God performed the first marriage when he made for Adam one companion, Eve……Abraham had it all, I mean had it all especially in his wife Sarah….Then when he lost her, he took Keturah. He sought out Rebekah for Isaac…

Moses found all the reasons, gave all the excuses why he couldn’t go alone, so God sent along¬†his brother, Aaron.

Noah, Shem, Ham, Yam and Japheth et al, even the animals had their partners inside.

Ruth accompanied her mother-in-law Naomi, unwaveringly, unreservedly, unrelentingly.

Mordecai adopted Esther and raised her well.

The spies needed Rahab- a stranger; just like Pharaoh needed Joseph, as his trusted Advisor.

David got all the love he needed from his friend Jonathon- his senior…….and Job was set straight by Elihu-his junior.

David needed Joab, Hushai and Nathan too. And when in the cave, family followed true.

Elijah was in a mess and God said¬†“anoint Elisha”.

Jesus handpicked his disciples, mentorship in its perfect form.

Paul needed Barnabas, Timothy and Silas and had many proteges, Mary and Martha were sisters and Mary did not hesitate to visit Elizabeth, her cousin.

When we are afraid, in doubt, confused, bored and lonely, tired and weary, when our spirits run low and we bottom out, when we are hurting and in pain. Friends, family, mentors, proteges, even strangers will provide validation, encouragement, truth serum, comfort, support and reality checks; help us to pick up the pieces and put our lives together.

We are gregarious, we need each other. He knows our frame, he knows we are dust, what we need and at the right time will provide exactly – God provides for us in the many forms of human relationships that exist. See them for who they are, what they do, and for what it is.

Hello….. 20 something!!!!

Below is a collection of anecdotes, from friends whose words are whispered to their younger selves……

“Guard your mind from negative thoughts”

“Become self-employed”

“Be persistent- what you want is specific, although where you find it varies…”

“Take more risks, be spontaneous, be adventurous”

“Don’t marry”

“Your life may be longer than you expect, so invest for the future”

“Don’t ever change, remain handsome”

“Don’t worry”

“Have ’nuff’ man, then you will be married early on”

“Don’t be so trusting of everyone”

“Don’t go to boarding school”

“Love the routine- in time, you will get all you desire and more”

“Don’t worry, life does get better”

“Develop godly ways, let that and not sex be the basis for all your important decisions. ”

“It isn’t the mountains to climb that wears you out, it’s the pebble in your shoe” (borrowed from Mohammed Ali)

“Kindness is not always a virtue, sometimes you have to say NO”

“Find your passion- don’t be like driftwood.”


1 Corinthians 10 v 11,¬†Now these things happened to them as an example, but they were written down for our instruction………

The Women of the Bible-¬†Esther, Abigail, Ruth, Sarah, Rebekah and Mary…

The Men of the Bible- Noah, Joseph, Elijah, David, Abraham, Paul, Moses, Job etc.

What should we learn from them? How can their lives and decisions inform us? Is their a common vein between them and us?

The assignments were not mundane and far from easy but never repeated. Slaying Giants, to confronting Rome, leaving Ur, the Exodus, Being sold as a slave, Building an Ark, Climbing Mounts Carmel and Horeb.

Faith must be strengthened, life is not easy and don’t expect it to be. Sometimes you will feel afraid; but don’t despair. You don’t need to know why, and he wont always explain, it will look stupid to others but trust his promises and his voice.


They were far more than ‘fair’ ladies; courageous, obedient, filled with humility- selfless. They provided support and comfort, love and loyalty to the men in their lives. A successful man needs a virtuous woman. How much do men really accomplish without that? Woman was made for man, that’s for sure. Don’t be agitated, its not a subjugation of your worth.

Freewill they had from the start……………….Belief a pre-requisite. Perfection is not what God expected, Your salvation is his ultimate desire. Coercion not his MO, although persuasion is necessary sometimes. Endurance- that is required, Repentance-mandatory; Courage almost always, He doesn’t need your help, just do as he says; a¬†mentor, friendship and resources¬†he always provides. He will get it done, with or without your help.

A Thin line

walking-thin-lineAs humans we want to have it all, but run the risk of losing everything.

So we:

Know what is right but do what is wrong, thus we Choose to sin and want God to remove the consequences too.

So we say we:

Have Faith but we really want Certainty

Are confident but may project Arrogance

Are exercising Patience and end up Procrastinating

Practice Humility but hate to be called Weak

Love and want to be loved but can’t separate it from obsession.

Put others first but out of convenience.

Are Kind and Hospitable but expect reciprocity

Are loyal but only in a vacuum

Are good but evil lurks around the corner.

Practice Forgiveness but it’s not free.

Are courageous but act out our fears.

Believe until our actions belie us.

Speak the truth, until we are tested.

Don’t judge, then the words escape our lips.

We are not Judas Iscariot, yet we love to kiss.

Aren’t greedy, until we find ourselves in debt.

We look forward to the Resurrection but don’t want to die.


Do you see why we need a Saviour? Could God be any wiser, Kinder, more loving?

‘The Good Old Days’

magic-school-bus-featured-art-ostromWho gave them the script?

As I watch the scenes unfold,I am writing the ending too.

Adolescence, oh what a tumultuous time.

I really look forward, it’s my morning entertainment while I wait. The plot is created at the bus center as two high schools are in close vicinity. Blacks, whites, Asians; varying ethnicity, different ages, males and females- Some waiting on friends, others killing time, while some are actually waiting for the bus.

The Girls….. 2016

Typical girls, they greet each other with hugs and screams, giggle constantly (apparently not cool to laugh), incessant chatter- no one else matters. But there is so much to catch up on (from the last conversation five minutes ago) and of course their is subtle competition for the attention of the ‘queen bee’ or the ‘bad’ boys. Some offer to carry the books, “Let’s walk” one says, “No, let wait on the bus” says another, invariably they walk of course. They are the center of the universe.

All made up, hair never out of place, piercings, scantily clad, books in hand and bags on back (are those packed with books?). Fashion is homogeneous, you dare not stand out…..God help you if you do. Its not hard to discern who thinks she is it, and who feels they are not, those most uncomfortable in their skin, the bespectacled ‘nerds’, those who are going because they are sent or for whatever other reason, the geniuses, and those who don’t give a damn about those around them. Miss Popularity, everyone wants that crown. Ugggghhhhh its so familiar, Its insane.

The Boys………2016

Hi fives or whatever you call those new hand gestures, baggy elastic-legged pants on hip, way too much clothes, black hair unkempt, curly hair gelled in place. Bags on back, but whats inside? Chatter is less-I guess not macho. It seems to be about standing out- being different, who can be most creative with hair, headbands, sneakers and outfit. The lead ‘wolf’ is evident, no mistaking- he has a follower ship- loyal by deference and competing for eye contact. His colour is not rocket science!!!! Everyone, you can tell wants to be him, but if not-at least his friend. Those who are not in this pack, are ignored, heckled, dismissed and scoffed at. Can you imagine the horror at school? Mr Nice Guy, that’s just not cool….

So I know that Bullying- that’s nothing new and it wont go away either
And gender neutral bathrooms- we don’t need them… let girls be girls and boys be boys don’t confuse them any further.
Set Rules for kids- its not inhumane, its loving.
2026, 2036…… They will get there and they will look back and laugh at their good old days!!!!!