A Thin line

walking-thin-lineAs humans we want to have it all, but run the risk of losing everything.

So we:

Know what is right but do what is wrong, thus we Choose to sin and want God to remove the consequences too.

So we say we:

Have Faith but we really want Certainty

Are confident but may project Arrogance

Are exercising Patience and end up Procrastinating

Practice Humility but hate to be called Weak

Love and want to be loved but can’t separate it from obsession.

Put others first but out of convenience.

Are Kind and Hospitable but expect reciprocity

Are loyal but only in a vacuum

Are good but evil lurks around the corner.

Practice Forgiveness but it’s not free.

Are courageous but act out our fears.

Believe until our actions belie us.

Speak the truth, until we are tested.

Don’t judge, then the words escape our lips.

We are not Judas Iscariot, yet we love to kiss.

Aren’t greedy, until we find ourselves in debt.

We look forward to the Resurrection but don’t want to die.


Do you see why we need a Saviour? Could God be any wiser, Kinder, more loving?


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