‘The Good Old Days’

magic-school-bus-featured-art-ostromWho gave them the script?

As I watch the scenes unfold,I am writing the ending too.

Adolescence, oh what a tumultuous time.

I really look forward, it’s my morning entertainment while I wait. The plot is created at the bus center as two high schools are in close vicinity. Blacks, whites, Asians; varying ethnicity, different ages, males and females- Some waiting on friends, others killing time, while some are actually waiting for the bus.

The Girls….. 2016

Typical girls, they greet each other with hugs and screams, giggle constantly (apparently not cool to laugh), incessant chatter- no one else matters. But there is so much to catch up on (from the last conversation five minutes ago) and of course their is subtle competition for the attention of the ‘queen bee’ or the ‘bad’ boys. Some offer to carry the books, “Let’s walk” one says, “No, let wait on the bus” says another, invariably they walk of course. They are the center of the universe.

All made up, hair never out of place, piercings, scantily clad, books in hand and bags on back (are those packed with books?). Fashion is homogeneous, you dare not stand out…..God help you if you do. Its not hard to discern who thinks she is it, and who feels they are not, those most uncomfortable in their skin, the bespectacled ‘nerds’, those who are going because they are sent or for whatever other reason, the geniuses, and those who don’t give a damn about those around them. Miss Popularity, everyone wants that crown. Ugggghhhhh its so familiar, Its insane.

The Boys………2016

Hi fives or whatever you call those new hand gestures, baggy elastic-legged pants on hip, way too much clothes, black hair unkempt, curly hair gelled in place. Bags on back, but whats inside? Chatter is less-I guess not macho. It seems to be about standing out- being different, who can be most creative with hair, headbands, sneakers and outfit. The lead ‘wolf’ is evident, no mistaking- he has a follower ship- loyal by deference and competing for eye contact. His colour is not rocket science!!!! Everyone, you can tell wants to be him, but if not-at least his friend. Those who are not in this pack, are ignored, heckled, dismissed and scoffed at. Can you imagine the horror at school? Mr Nice Guy, that’s just not cool….

So I know that Bullying- that’s nothing new and it wont go away either
And gender neutral bathrooms- we don’t need them… let girls be girls and boys be boys don’t confuse them any further.
Set Rules for kids- its not inhumane, its loving.
2026, 2036…… They will get there and they will look back and laugh at their good old days!!!!!


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