Hello….. 20 something!!!!

Below is a collection of anecdotes, from friends whose words are whispered to their younger selves……

“Guard your mind from negative thoughts”

“Become self-employed”

“Be persistent- what you want is specific, although where you find it varies…”

“Take more risks, be spontaneous, be adventurous”

“Don’t marry”

“Your life may be longer than you expect, so invest for the future”

“Don’t ever change, remain handsome”

“Don’t worry”

“Have ’nuff’ man, then you will be married early on”

“Don’t be so trusting of everyone”

“Don’t go to boarding school”

“Love the routine- in time, you will get all you desire and more”

“Don’t worry, life does get better”

“Develop godly ways, let that and not sex be the basis for all your important decisions. ”

“It isn’t the mountains to climb that wears you out, it’s the pebble in your shoe” (borrowed from Mohammed Ali)

“Kindness is not always a virtue, sometimes you have to say NO”

“Find your passion- don’t be like driftwood.”


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