Nobody makes it alone

God performed the first marriage when he made for Adam one companion, Eve……Abraham had it all, I mean had it all especially in his wife Sarah….Then when he lost her, he took Keturah. He sought out Rebekah for Isaac…

Moses found all the reasons, gave all the excuses why he couldn’t go alone, so God sent along his brother, Aaron.

Noah, Shem, Ham, Yam and Japheth et al, even the animals had their partners inside.

Ruth accompanied her mother-in-law Naomi, unwaveringly, unreservedly, unrelentingly.

Mordecai adopted Esther and raised her well.

The spies needed Rahab- a stranger; just like Pharaoh needed Joseph, as his trusted Advisor.

David got all the love he needed from his friend Jonathon- his senior…….and Job was set straight by Elihu-his junior.

David needed Joab, Hushai and Nathan too. And when in the cave, family followed true.

Elijah was in a mess and God said “anoint Elisha”.

Jesus handpicked his disciples, mentorship in its perfect form.

Paul needed Barnabas, Timothy and Silas and had many proteges, Mary and Martha were sisters and Mary did not hesitate to visit Elizabeth, her cousin.

When we are afraid, in doubt, confused, bored and lonely, tired and weary, when our spirits run low and we bottom out, when we are hurting and in pain. Friends, family, mentors, proteges, even strangers will provide validation, encouragement, truth serum, comfort, support and reality checks; help us to pick up the pieces and put our lives together.

We are gregarious, we need each other. He knows our frame, he knows we are dust, what we need and at the right time will provide exactly – God provides for us in the many forms of human relationships that exist. See them for who they are, what they do, and for what it is.


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