Are you an Adult?


If you are:

Feeling the drudgery of life, and think the days and weeks are getting shorter

Married, re-married, separated, divorced or have remained single (by choice or force)

Thinking  that contemporary music sounds like noise

Anticipating, worrying, and then worry some more, found to your dismay that worrying is pointless, and then stop worrying……until (vicious cycle)

Depriving yourself and delaying gratification

Happy then heartbroken, lively and then lonely, restless, anxious, bored and busy, filled with faith and doubt.

Looking with disdain on micro minis and short shorts

Having a few anxious medical moments and have thought about having/not having kids.

Cooking your own dinner, bought your own bed and paid your own bills, defaulted and have been in and out of debt.

Staying home alot recently, willfully or not.

Self- sacrifing and selfless, felt ingratitude, provided solicited and unsolicited advice, been embarrassed or have had to defend yourself.

Restless, moved out, move back in then moved out again of your parent’s house

Making many mistakes, and have called yourself asinine- a few times

Hearing yourself say the things your parents said

Having your parents calling- no waiting on you, for approval and advice

Gaining and Losing friends

Seeing your nieces and nephews (🙈🙈🙈God forbid) or kids wearing make-up, or who no longer think pony tails, ribbons and frills are cute, are rolling their eyes and exhibiting mood swings.

No longer believing in Santa Claus and learnt the truth about Cinderella.

Hired, fired, promoted, demoted, resigned or just quit.

Realizing your friends are been called ‘Grandma’ or ‘Grandpa’

Cultivating a ‘NO’ muscle, have bitten your lips and counted to ten, apologized and frequently speak your mind .

Being  too emotional or very objective about family and friends’ decisions.

Not remembering names and faces

Creating a budget and write everything else down.

Suddenly thinking about retirement, wills, mortgage, health and life insurance!!!’



Then you are an adult- a complicated species of the human race.



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