Life’s Anomalies 

There are some simple yet profound & powerful things in life- from suffering, family, friendships, our intuition, peace, saying  Yes and No…………….

I recently stopped to think about some of these:

1.      Cleanliness …… It is exhilarating to feel clean, look clean, wear clean, of course smell       clean and smell the scent of clean. Clean sheets, clean hair, clean clothes, clean water, clean air, clean house (do you watch hoarding- buried alive?)….. You get the drift! And did you know that just the act of de-cluttering makes you happier ?

2.      Receiving a gift- a gift freely given… A no-strings attached gift- the kind of unadulterated, pure giving- like the ransom. A gift received with an understanding of the spirit of the giver. Am thinking the giver feels the same intense joy.

3.        Saying yes in the true meaning of ‘yes’ and saying “no” are not easy things to do. Unless of course you are fickle and giggly, or make it a point of not keeping your word. Some  ‘Nos’ are harder than some, but difficulty is never an excuse. In fact, It makes better sense to say ‘No’ now…. And YES ……well we all know how that goes…….I have had some life-changing Nos, looking back I wonder where the courage came from. I have likewise had some blunderous Yes’s- but regret is a wasted emotion.

4.         Peace- peace that is totally misplaced given the circumstances. Sometimes I wonder whether peace, intuition, mind, spirit are all entwined. The only thing I can conclude is that God is real…and wise…..and powerful…..and is love itself.

5.          Let’s talk about Pain…. Suffering….. Loss……. Loneliness……Hurt…..Betrayal….. Torture even. That cruel, cutting, excruciating pain which hits right at the ❤️. Of course you do- no one is alive for long without experiencing one or some of these.  Are they similar and do they feel the same? Can we measure them? What is their objective?

6.          Apologizing is necessary- so too asking for help and for heaven’s sake let’s stop judging and swearing. Dont get me started on Anger. Am guilty as charged!!!!!

7.           There was a time when I didn’t think it was possible for some relationships to break…. You know what I mean like- parent & child, siblings, blood connections. I have lived long enough to learn that no earthly relationship is invincible- they are delicate and are all WIPs. In fact- there seems to be an intensity, a specific venom when these ones fall apart, very different from other forms of severing ties. The greater the love, the bigger the hurt maybe😢😢😢😢.

8.           Have you ever gone from point A to point B, spent a month’s salary, or survived a catastrophe, passed an exam, and then wonder how you did it, how you got to ‘now’, to here, to the present? The process is worth exploring- reflecting on.

9.           Needs vs Wants – what separates them? Do the lines ever blur? If we get all we need-are we happy? And what if we get all we want- are we happy? Do we all need the same things? Think about this- no matter how little some earn- they make it work. But then no matter how much you earn- you find something to spend it on. And worse than that, if we ever go back to earning little after earning much, we can’t seem to manage.

10.         Shame = Fear, fear of feeling unworthy. It’s natural to want to but it is not courageous to lash out and blame- when you feel ashamed. Try to fight shame- it thrives on silence, secrecy and judgement.

11.          Now I am thinking a lot about this one…. We are gregarious and social beings but there are some things we must do alone. No one knows for sure our thoughts and motives, no one can cry, laugh, eat, urinate, defecate, love, feel our pain or joy for us….. No matter how much they love or care for us.

12.           For every one thing we complain about, how many things can we find to be grateful for, for a change.

13.            I have some real friendships- quite a few in fact. And the amazing part is each is different- special in an ineffable way.  Friendships are essential- what would the world be without them?

14.           Maybe I am not qualified to speak about parenting; for parents have told me that this is a special love, and I believe them- I have seen it fully at work. The challenges & sacrifices, discipline, the pain and anxieties, adulation and pride. But I have also seen some unfathomable acts, some questionable gestures, some real travesties all in the name of this love too. I have seen selfish and immature souls immediately become selfless and responsible- and I have also seen some who were not meant to go near to a child. I guess you can’t know until you know…… I say no more.

15. A big part of our human existence is imperfection and with that comes limited knowledge…… Another large part of our being is free will and choice. I believe life is about juggling all of these.

16. Ohhhhh and pictures………..they tell a lot of lies… me I know.


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