I wonder…

I wonder why the grass is green, and why the wind is never seen? Who tell the birds to build a nest? And tells the trees to take a rest? And when the moon is not quite round, where can the missing piece be found?……..Excerpts from Jeanne Kirby’s, ‘I Wonder’

The Pet Industry

Home and abroad…….. pets are ubiquitous, although I suspect for different reasons at home. Petland, pet adoption agencies, professional pet stylists and groomers, veterinarians all are some ‘big money’ businesses abroad. Pet hospitals, pet food, pet clothes and accessories…..What is the monthly budget for maintaining a pet?

There has to be some very important reasons for this sacrifice- financial and non-financial. They have their seats in the car and they need their exercise, yes even in the less than bearable weather. Then there is the added criterion of ensuring there is pet accessibility- in the apartment building, at your club….. church & school??? Dunno, maybe……and you must pick up after him/her…..

Pet insurance- of course, why not? How else will you pay for the blood tests, medicines, chemotherapy or provide for them in the event of your death or disability?

Cruelty to Pets!!!!! I know of a quite a few people at home who would be caught in this drag net. Speaking of this, I met a beautiful lady who dedicates her life to animal rights. She doesn’t eat meat, she doesn’t wear hide or leather, doesn’t use products that rely on animal testing….now that’s commitment to a cause. I admire her. Pet Shelters, Pet rescuers too….. profession or hobby?

So my question is, what is the real reason why we have or need pets? Love & affection, acceptance, control, loyalty, companionship, competition, social status, or is it just a cool thing to have?

Generation X- The teenagers on the bus

A diverse mix of black, whites and asian…… Was this tokenism or are they naturally liberal and inclusive? The conversation flowed freely and openly on a crowded bus- that’s (one tick) for liberalism.

First topic of conversation was the latest gadgets at our disposal. One person had the latest iPhone (newest version came out a few days before) which was a reason for much excitement. I must say though there seemed to be no malice or envy or malcontent about this among them (tick #2)…… After all they know so much about these things they realize they are all the same or is it that each will eventually get one anyway?

Everyone was dressed alike, do you think they compared notes before? (tick for this one too?)

Shopping ……. the GUESS bag on sale for $40 on Guess.com; originally for $200, was a topic of conversation as well. Do they have credit and debit cards? Maybe- they work and or get allowances and are taught about money management, right? And they live at home and don’t pay bills or send kids to school….. , or are just overspending, or maybe they are just rich.        P.S. the collections already have MK bags…… (Does this earn another tick?)

Eye tattoos, eye brow threading and waxing, manicures & nail art…….one or the other seems mandatory. At what age did I get my first eye brow job- have no idea!!! And of course, the one that is time immemorial- some cute boy on a TV show, well at least that’s familiar territory …..


Long hair- straight or curly, it is more often than not loose over shoulders…irrespective of weather, why? I mean, the weather dictates with everything else; from restaurant menus to the mode of dress to events planning, building codes……Isn’t long hair a hassle sometimes? I mean when its all out, it constantly fall in your face, it gets tangled easily, it doesn’t maintain its lustre etc. Am I the only one who hates my hair unkempt? But then if it’s not out, there will be no excuse to toss the heads back and run the fingers through it anyway….. and black people do it too, although we hardly have straight or curly, long hair…. or do we?(wink, wink).  And me hear say, so me hear- seh straight long hair people support the business heavily too. And why isn’t the pixie cut more popular?  Hey, am not a hater just an observer as I have heard and seen too that it’s difficult to get that hair type into plaits…..and you have no real struggle with washing and drying and styling your hair, so there- am not judging.  Needlessly, I am loving the celebration of Nubian knots and black natural hair now though…..yes its been worn loose and out as well.



Someone visited and when she came back…. she said she has to ask if the Japanese even remember how to wipe their asses……..No need to elaborate.

By now you must consider me one of those wooey gooeies, who lives in their head!!! But lets press on.


I constantly think about how it feels to be illiterate….. so when I hear persons conversing fluently in another language, I ask myself if that’s what it is like. Sometimes too I consider that it may be more than just not understanding, but like not having the ability to. If that is so or not so, these are murky waters.

The World

Yours or mine may be falling apart and yet for others its honky dory and going according to plan, falling into place. And the earth- well in all of that it continues to spin on its axis, at its normal speed and in the natural way. I consider this as I heard the news of the 17 year old who collapsed in his football training session- just like that. An only child- my heart bleeds for his parents, family- biological and at school, as well as friends. Who will answer all their whys????

We are not gravity, neither are we the wind, rain or sunshine….Things grow and stay in place and exist without us and outside of us- whether we like it or not, whether we know or not (thanks for reminding me of this Twinny). People are hurting and in need of help, all around us-just look a little longer and closer. So let us resolve to do what we can, for whoever we can, whenever we can. In fact, in my mind, that’s the only way we can have any impact on this world.


Ever notice that sometimes you are freezing or suffocating from heat, while others are not experiencing the same sensations…menopause and fever aside. Ever hear some persons describe a location for you….how beautiful or uninteresting it is and when you see it its either way worse or way better…..How about a person’s physical features or the food at a particular restaurant, and colours. Huh, the latter is a biggie especially with the new shades….teal, aqua, turquoise, plum, lime, fuchsia, peach, burnt orange, eggnog, amber, magenta……men are not the only ones who are colour blind.

Time freedom

Prisoners and former prisoners will tell you that the deprivation of your freedom is one of the worst human experiences. But the flip side to this is that this gives you a lot of time on your hands. Time in the ‘free’ world is a scarce commodity, we don’t seem to have enough of it. Too much freedom- no time. A lot of time- no freedom. Either extreme is undesirable, why can’t we have it all?

Some people don’t practice’ Good Morning/Day/Evening/Night’,  ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Excuse me’ or smile. Does this have some merit?


This one is a biggie……. I have always wanted to know what I look like, and I don’t mean when I look in the mirror or look at a picture. I mean when someone looks at me, who or what do they see? I had a friend bring this to light for me one day. He said he remembers clearly the first time he was been video-graphed and he couldn’t for the life of him get this nagging question from his head “How will I know which boy I am??”

I will stop wondering…………for now at least. 


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