Natural & Man-made

As I try to create a canvass, I notice:

Trees- trees adapt and adjust to the changing scenes of life, and I don’t hear them complaining.

Flowers- beautifully arrayed, no two are alike-rich and vibrant hues, here today but gone tomorrow.

Birds- diverse species, colours and functions. They neither ‘toil or sow nor reap’ yet they are fed… why do we worry so much?

Water- changes in form (liquid, solid, gas) to suit the circumstances- turquoise blue, cold grey, icey white, green too and even black.

The Sky- shades of blue, dotted and decorated by clouds- cumulus, Sirrus, nimbo stratus……….

Contrasts- black & white, brown & black birds, green, yellow and burgundy leaves, red berries, green green deep green grass, pink blooms, pristine white……….

Parks & mountains; lakes, oceans & cliffs, rivers & ravines, fog, rain & snow, and sunshine- sunsets and sunrise, the wind……

And he man-made gifts are just as impressive, but no need for surprise….. he is a loving Master.

He gives and gives abundantly and will not hold back….we are made in his image and because of that we too are endowed with gifts to create the spectacular and awe-inspiring. Gravity-defying buildings, works of art, sloping stairways, delectable treats and snacks, you name it we have done it. But not in our own wisdom or strength, let’s never forget that.

So as we admire and ponder on nature and natural wonders- let us do the same on The Creator. For despite what we think or how we perceive it, “all good things and all perfect gifts” are from our Heavenly Father.


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