Lessons from Paul

To me it was logical that the name he first called, from his prostrate position was the name of he who he spent hours desecrating. Clearly, if you made it your duty to prosecute someone or something, then you would have spent a lot of time studying the subject. According to Canon JJ John, the quickest way to become a christian is to seek to dispute Christianity by investigating it.

Some of us will have to be knocked to the ground and struck blind, before we accept God as God.

Anyone can be used by God for his purposes……in his time. He has a plan for all of us even the Sauls of this world.

He was a fearless critic, true to form even when it came to himself. I have found that the person who can speak the truth about themself, will not be afraid to speak the truth to you. That’s why he could berate Peter too. 1 Timothy 1 v 13 and Galations 2 v 11-14

He had courage- and in fact no ambassador for Christ can be a coward. He took no credit for his accomplishments, but acknowledged God as the source- that kept him humble.

He used every opportunity to teach and spread the Good News message, even from the bowels of prison.

He was a practical Christian, who spoke candidly about the everyday issues that affected people.

He had to come face to face with his demons.  Birth is usually a messy affair, but out of this process comes a brand-new life.

Even the Pauls of this world need love, support, encouragement and companionship. He had protégés but also needed mentors as well.

He like the apostles, gave up everything (including his life)…….for Christ.



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