Culture Shock 

When there is incessant rainfall a yard:

Roads are empty

Church no full

Bar full a man

Children nuh go a school

Adults skull work

But in another land, it’s just another day, bad weather is of a different dimension. And understandably so, because then it would mean you lock up in a house for 6-8 months of the year, how practical or economically feasible is that?

And if your culture dictates how you mourn, who you marry, what you wear, what you commemorate and celebrate- how easy or difficult is it to maintain those norms? Although, if you are not exposed to, or if you don’t see or know anything else- then you should be okay. The problem is, how do you not see or know when you live in the 21st century?

And if you used to disobey speed limit, drive without license, never pay one red cent of taxes, never put foot on bus or taxi, or didnt work and pay bills….. will you do likewise if and when you go live elsewhere?

And when you are accustomed to eating food well seasoned and well done, can you get into loving sushi and rare meats? or if you never used to sweep yard, would you relish snow shoveling?

What if our dogs from home moved to the North Pole; could they swim, would they walk in snow or live inside?

When accident or crime scene deh a yard, everyone stops to look, investigate, loot (if there are spoils), tamper with the evidence and form an opinion. First responders are not necessarily emergency workers.

Culture different deh a yard, everyone knows their neighbor and their neighbour’s business. We look at the pitfalls of this when yuh deh home, but when you are not at home you can only remember the benefits of that way of life.

Deh a yard, funerals are big affairs, and it’s not just because they are becoming fashion shows. For one, you can draw the ire of the grieving family or a family member if you don’t visit, or contribute or help in one way or another. ‘Big’ funeral also has other meanings. You either very rich, or you died tragically or unexpectedly, or you were someone who lived your life for others. And not even this somber affair, escapes our colorful and competitive spirit. My theory is though, that the larger the crowd at the service, the easier it is for the bereaved to heal. So yes, me love the way we commemorate our dead. But please don’t spend what you don’t have, and try to remember the burial ground after the funeral.

Deh a yard, we don’t have commuter trains but if we did, we would need conductors and police on them.


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