They live amongst us, some benign and some very much in our face. And, they aren’t always the big executives who work in the advertising industry. They are also the people we encounter each day. Take a closer look…..

Bildad.. Job 8, he was a powerful orator, just like his companions Eliphaz Job 4-5 and Zophar Job 11. Their speech, even if uttered today would knock us off our rockers, because it makes sense to many. But worse than that, when we are down with affliction, weak in suffering, and in need of compassion, do we have the energy to even think about our own demise or respond positively to such cutting accusations? Think too on Job’s wife Job 2 v 9.

Job was special, he reached out to God rather than turn away Job 1 v 20-22, Job 13 v 23-24.

Then came Elihu. The thing with him is that he was also bold, he countered with a truth, that truth that cuts to the core, that reaches the heart, Job 33 v 1- 13. Job 33 v 14-21- Elihu, contradicts the previous reason given for his suffering and then shows how this suffering will be perceived by those who love God and those who don’t. Job 36 v 1-15.  Psalms 119 v 71. The righteous does indeed suffer but it’s purpose is to throw light on our imperfections and our need for God, for our refinement and enlarged holiness. Double jeopardy is of man, Jesus already bore the punishment.

Decide which marketer you will be today…….


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