Instead of Complaining……….

Let’s find things to be grateful to God for………


….. that God is merciful and just and righteous. I am grateful too his ways and thoughts are not like ours and in fact are higher than ours.

….. for my weaknesses, and for friends who point them out to me. Yes it hurts, and yes I may feel disappointed, and yes I cry, and yes I want to retaliate, but it certainly is the birthplace for whole-hearted living and self improvement.

….when I have nothing to do. When I can sit, or lie down or just laze about with nothing to do, nothing to worry about, nothing to consume my mind.

….when I get home safely at nights. Many find themselves on hospital beds, in the morgue, or worse yet as victims of abuse.

…. when I have a normal, routine day. I could easily complain of the drudgery and boredom. Am grateful for this, as it’s out of this state of despair and it is from a place of quiet and solitude that we find courage to take risks and soar. Furthermore, when it is not normal there is a crises of some sort.

….. for the situations which force me to forgive.

…..that I am neither master of my fate nor captain of my soul.

…..that I am learning to hear God’s voice.

…..that God had not given up on me, and that he is teaching me how to give what I most want to receive.

…..for eyes to see all the seasons

….. for words that comfort others

……for courage when I am so afraid

….. for lessons in patience and opportunities to learn how to listen.

…..for a meal each day, a warm bed, sleep and abundance of warm water

…. for a boss who gives me the freedom to speak

…..for a job that gives me time to help others

…..for light in all its forms

…..for friends who understands me, tolerate me, forgives me, and then still loves me.

…..for a mom and an aunt who love me with all they have

…..for a stepmother who will give her heart to me

…..that I can read, write, hear, see, smell, feel, touch and understand…

……for learning to align my intentions with my actions and understanding that if I am part of the cause then I cannot separate myself from the consequence.

…..I have been creating life of adventure, and risk and passion….Memories!!!!- am grateful for this too.


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