When I look into your 👀 

I can’t help it, they pull me in.

Pearly and beady, brown-black penetrating eyes.

They tell me you are sincere and that you care.

Nothing much has changed, it’s all the same. Even though many years have passed, and much tears came. I need to tell you, things work themselves out so bury those fears. But I can’t, you have to do this your way.

You will cry, laugh, gain and lose friends, hurt and heal, gain and lose weight. And all the negative stories you are told, don’t believe them save yourself some time.You wont change much as the years pass, and you will create some fond memories too…..

You don’t speak much now, but that will change. And there will come a day, when conversations are all you will have. You don’t need to people please, let love be based on who you are. Don’t give too much attention, only the weak requires that anyway.

The longest ride will not be what you think……..but hop off and on and it will be okay. Listen, learn to be silent, pay attention, taste and observe……. life is much more introspective than we think.

No one makes it alone you will have to learn that differently, as an only child. You don’t control much, that’s just how it is…..learn to decipher and not to belly-ache.

So I will end with this prayer for you.

I hope you can live with your decisions and that they don’t hurt others too much, I pray you accept the choices of others with grace. Do things the right way and never take the path of least resistance. You are secondary in another’s story and so are they in yours. Learn to hear and obey God’s voice and never forget how easily the oppressed can become the oppressor. So never let anger, arrogance, fear or pride dictate.


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