Words are powerful they have effect, words are oaths they are a bond.

The Bible describes them as being active, alive and sharper than a double-edged sword…….It also equates the tongue to a fire …….destroying marriages, starting and prolonging wars, decimating nations and kingdoms, …….

Whoever said words are wind? They can calm an anxious mind and encourage a faint soul, they stop you dead in your tracks and remove fingers off the trigger. Words are like a touch, a hug, a smile and a wave, they reach the heart and you are not the same. Control your words- truth with grace, anything else and you fuel the flame. Season your words with salt says Paul, be gracious………there is no correction fluid for words spewed forth.

We have more courage behind the screen and keyboard, but be kind and brave don’t use anonymity destructively. We text, we post, we tweet, we share, but be careful now, you can still defame. Face to face, verbal and true, those are still the best means and ways. Silence speaks too, anger- we must lean to restrain. Listening we know cannot be over-explained.

Don’t take it from me……take it from Jesus. Matthew 15 v 11 and v 17-20.


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