Contemporary vs Traditional

There are some things I believe and others I don’t.

I don’t believe I have to get married in a white dress or wearing Jimmy Choo (thankfully I can’t afford the latter). Quite frankly, I would love to know if I can wear a sari to my wedding with sandals, but my husband to be-  Of course I need him in his suit. I love men in suits 😁😁. Well there are no rules….. right!!!

I don’t believe I should solicit a male. That’s the man’s role, and furthermore I don’t believe men manage the dynamics well when a woman initiates. Of course, I do not buy into the notion (however much statistics abound) that men are few and far between, I choose not to. There are lies, damm lies and then statistics!!! Right !!!! Maybe all of this is to my detriment but let’s see.

I have many great male friends, I believe men make great friends for females. Thus,  I believe ohh sorry I know, that the men in our lives have to be trained- be it husbands, sons, fathers, brothers…..however, word of caution from a man himself. Don’t draw the noose too tight, give him some room to roam and kick up some dust!!!!

I believe that church dress is different from every other dress. So for me, my mode of dress for church is about honouring my creator with my best dress. I cast no stones at others who do not feel likewise, that’s a pledge I made to myself. It matters not if I am the church pariah, to my own self I will be true.

I don’t think I would mind much being a housewife. Of course, we always want what we don’t have and I say that as an educated woman who has always worked.  I too have some writers bias here, as I have never been a housewife and I don’t like housewifely chores. That said, one of my favourite movies, Kramer Vs Kramer showed me just how invaluable a role the housewife plays, ingratitude aside. I am not sure if the movie is the reason I am enamored with this idea.

I recently heard too, former USA VP Joe Biden echo similar sentiments, when he said  “everything works, if the marriage is working”, and the marriage works in my head (of course I am not married) if each person knows their role, sign up for this role and then plays that particular role.  Of course, it follows that I do believe too that a woman has specific roles in the house and in the family, whether you are a working woman or not- again I must declare, I AM NOT MARRIED. I simply subscribe to biblical principles, and maybe psycho- analyze too much.  But that aside, I grew up in a household in which I saw, in no uncertain terms, how a female ‘spoils’ a man. The latter of course is an extreme.

I hate to read my books on devices. I am a hard cover, paperback, page-flipping type of girl, so it really pains me that I have to use the Kindle. Now I am traditional not inflexible. Of course,  I have to consider the cost of books, space and storage, as well as their bulkiness especially when you travel. It pains me at times but such is the nature of the beast, me prefer my ‘natural showers’ too but me have to do otherwise.

I recently received a message from twitter asking me if I know how to tweet..🤣🤣🤣, oh I don’t believe in living my life through social media either. Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against social media, as I would be a fool to do so. I have also derived many benefits from using it in the limited way I do. I don’t even want to think what my life would have been like without that privilege, so yes I am grateful for having this new tool for communicating. However, I also recognize the pitfalls. The thing is like a vacuum that sucks in humans- it can become a drug of choice. So I have resolved to use correct spelling, correct grammar and whole sentences when I use it (even when me a write patois). No sir, I am not into using letters to represent words (except lol, Gm and Smh) cut me some slack here, and I don’t see how we can communicate using abbreviations. I know I am old-fashioned when as I still prefer to talk rather than text……sometimes at least.

By the way, do you think it is a coincidence that I live at ‘ The Traditions’ 😏😏😏😏😏. I don’t believe in those either.


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