Thy Neighbour (Ms Good Deeds #2)

This is a follow-up to Ms Good Deeds…..

The other morning as I was traipsing down the hallway out to the busstop minding my business (without my blinders on) when I saw a Caucasian gent waving frantically from outside- for some attention obviously. I stopped, and then turned to see what he wanted. Upon opening the door to speak to him, he produced his drivers license as ‘proof’ that he lived in the building. He said he had locked himself out and needed to get back up to his quarters. My mind immediately went into protect mode, although I had only a minute to make the decision about whether to believe him and then let him in. I thought about this many things during that minute.

i. Is he a stalker trying to get to a fearful female in the building?

ii.What if he is a serial-killer or worst yet a terrorist?

iii. How could he have left his key and the doors cant be closed without a key?

iv. An ID can have the address and you don’t reside in the building- that’s normal right?? you could have moved since you got the ID….and after all where I am from most people don’t have their correct address on their D.L anyway.

v. Why show me proof before I even say a word or ask for proof? 

Skepticism and suspicion aside, I let him in. But my inner turmoil began in earnest. I was so conflicted that I was literally shaking as I entered the bus. “Do you know you may be endangering unsuspecting people?  What about your own personal effects? Cameras are surely there to see who enter and exit right? Will you end up in prison for just doing something kind or plain stupid? I cant begin to tell you how disturbed I was. I had to start berating myself for being so paranoid. I couldn’t believe it. Is that how your environment affects your judgement? Or is it because I watch too many episodes on Investigation Discovery (ID)? All in all,  everything seemed okay the evening as I came back in, and then and only then did I relax. I however started thinking about the perils of not ‘knowing thy neighbour’. Yes, it is certainly in line with the program on ID of that same name.

I was at a certain location the other day and a friend fell ill- just normal feel bad it seems with a little vertigo. It woke me up to two facts- first, I have no idea how to deal with those crises, and secondly that fear of litigation immobilizes us and removes our humanity. So I thought rubbing alcohol……, because that’s what my mother would do….none anywhere. I saw a doctor’s office and rushed in to ask for some or anything that could help.  I was told there was none and nothing……Long and short story, she eventually got to a doctor herself and felt better.  But did I believe the employee at the doctor’s office? Nooooooo……but I can’t say I blame her. Risk of and fear of litigation is a real thing- do not expose yourself unnecessarily. It just led me to think how these laws that we create can mess with God’s law- especially the one about loving your neighbour.

I have a few faces I am familiar with…..from the bus stop. Familiar only, as we don’t acknowledge each other as we arrive or as we wait….this is weird for me although I conform. I am ashamed of myself to say this, but it is true. There is this one female (teenager) who on more than one occasion, begs bus fare. The first two times she asked I said no, I really didn’t have any change. The third time I gave her a dollar………..the fourth time I confronted her. I got a ‘cock and bull’ story which may or may not be true- I really haven’t sorted out what poverty or desperation look like here, but being a cynic, “me don’t believe her”. I think there is something else going on here, but me cant prove it so me don’t seh nothing more. Anyway, since that confrontation I haven’t really seen her at the bus stop again, but I see her on the bus at times. The thing is I have been approached by others too with bus fare requests- I guess that’s why the City has a ‘Donate a Ride’ system. Maybe I should contribute to that………after all my neighbour doesn’t always live in my building or next door.



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