How to do courage and remove fear…….

1. Showing up for the first day of a new school or a new job…..

2. Grabbing a bus schedule and taking the bus, by yourself to someplace you don’t know

3. Having your 10 year old girl commute daily to her new school in a town 40 miles from home, even though she is leaving home for the first time.

4. Attending a new church even once per month and then sitting to fellowship with total strangers.

5. Apologizing sincerely….after you confess face to face or via text message, to a lie or a hurtful comment.

6. Asking for a raise or promotion at work

7. Speaking up in a meeting- any meeting;  be it at work, at a PTA, at Alpha or at Toastmasters

8. Remaining silent even though your lips are twitching

9. Taking your friends to meet your Dad who you barely know yourself , and then all stay at your stepmother’s house.

10. Saying No………

11. Doing a Pap smear, a BSE, mammograms, MRIs, STI tests, or just going to the doctor for birth control. An abortion…….

12. Telling your friends of your break-up……AGAIN

13. Resigning from a permanent post…..or leaving a job without another one in sight (…… careful here)

14. Saying “I don’t know”

15. Going to the gym for the first time

16. Initiating sex

17. Offering forgiveness and being kind

18. Taking your boyfriend home

19. Countering/Disagreeing with the boss

20. Putting on a bathing suit

21. Talking to a friend who is grieving some loss

22. Lending money

23. Saying ” I Love You” every single time

24. Getting baptized

25. Going on a blind date or any first date ( without your friends tagging along)

26. Blogging- or approaching a publisher about a book you are writing

27. Confronting anyone

28. Leaving your parents nest

29. A man crying

30. Having a conversation about sex with a child

31. Telling family you are sick…………doing a surgery

32. Telling a friend they are wrong or their child is sick or rude

33. Going to an interview

34. Giving feedback, accepting criticism

35. Going it alone……like migrating without family.

36. Trying to get pregnant……getting pregnant after a miscarriage

37. Parenting

38. Loving ……even an animal

39. Asking for help, and offering to help

40. Getting married…..getting divorced

41. Grieving………Burying a relative

42. Learning to drive…..

43. Living alone

44. Taking the subway at 5 am by yourself, in Chicago…..( do not throw caution to the wind with this one)

45. AA meetings or enrollment at a Rehab center

46. Starting Chemotherapy and Radiation

47. Doing a photo shoot, and consenting to your pictures being posted to the photographers website.

48. Dancing

49. Dating Naked ( the show)

This list is by no means exhaustive …..and remember Jesus did ask for the cup to pass three times, if it were God’s will. The moment I discovered that was an AHA moment for me, and it likewise made clearer Hebrews 4 v 15-16……


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