Drugs of Choice

If you are like me, I am sure you have said this a lot …….. “how could you?” “I dont understand”………..well maybe you don’t.

I had a brief conversation with my co-worker today about coffee addiction and I got to thinking…..  Are we all addicted to something?

Coffee, TV, Talking, Chocolate, Sex, Prescription medicines, Heroin,cocaine, Food, books, Smokes, Coca cola /pepsi, Marijuana, Gambling, Violence, Gadgets, Worrying, Work, planning and perfecting, Busy ……….

I mean real addiction. Like you suffer from withdrawal syndrome…… you have headaches, twitches, mood swings……..like you probably need rehab centres, like if you had to choose between your life, family and this ‘thing’ you would think twice or have to think long and hard about it……..but you would never disclose that to anyone, not even to God are you willing to admit that. After all, its your little secret!!!!

Is anyone addicted to Jesus this way? 

Do disorders create addictions? OCD and ADD come to mind. So I got to thinking…..what am I addicted to?

Food????- no I don’t think so. I eat only to survive.

Coffee– hardly……I drink it because it is offered. I never choose to drink coffee. My mom however is way different.

Conversations – now I have to think hard about this one. It might just be the one…..

Gadgets- well I couldn’t survive without my phone. Although I don’t use it if I am watching a favorite movie, during church, during my devotions, when I am on the bus or train or walking, neither do I practice to be on it when I am having a face to face. I think the latter is quite rude.

Gambling and Violence– I take some pretty big risks, and do some difficult and crazy things but they are usually calculated and far from reckless. So yes I do gamble, but I don’t play games of chance, except participate in some random raffles or sweepstakes. And violence not me, coward man keep sound bones.

Work– helloooooo, that is merely a necessary contraption and especially because my career is not my calling.

Drugs (prescription and otherwise) -well so far so good. My prayer is for courage to not conform to the desires of the world or my natural tendencies and thus to not numb pain.

Sex– never have been and hope to never be.

Worrying– yes man that’s a biggie. Who among us doesn’t worry? But we must learn not to become worry freaks.  A perennial struggle.

Planning and perfecting– especially us females. We want to do everything perfectly. But excellence isn’t perfection. And whilst there are no substitutes for planning, we must be flexible and open. Further more, Proverbs 16 v 9 tells us to plan our course but know that he direct our steps. And perfecting is really a symptom of something else.

Busy- I never thought of this before in this way. But I have come to believe that busy is the new excuse, and is a badge of honour. Somehow, I pray I am never caught by this bug.

So yes we may have drugs of choice and it may not be so much what we do, but why we do it.





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