Sparing the Rod…….

I have heard it multiple times…….. “unless you become a parent you don’t understand what it means to really love”. I can’t argue with that because I am not a parent but I can argue with that too, because I am a child of God and he endowed me with the capacity to love. And after all I can love anything… even my dog or a hampster…….I have heard too of kids who have categorically stated they love their parents more than their own kids. I figure it would be a mighty long debate if we venture to ask who loves who more. 1 John 4 v 19……”we love because he first loved us”… maybe that’s one way to explain it. For we well know that God’s love for us is unsurpassable, unconditional and infinite.

Now I have seen some really horrific things in the name of parenting and love. Kids who are allowed to run amok because parents are afraid to scold them, tell them no or worst yet fear they will lose their love. Now I don’t know why parents would think that, for I know that the bond between parent and child is not something easily broken- if it can. You know like how Paul says nothing can separate us from The love of God.

Kids need discipline and boundaries for them to become functional adults. You get only one chance. You don’t get to edit and correct, so model for them the right way to engage and proceed in this uncertain complex and unfair world. You don’t love them when you spare the rod……a few years back that meant you would get a good ‘back-siding’ when you step out of line or ‘fly pass yuh nest’ like my mom would say. These days that rod means something different but I am sure it doesn’t mean there are to be zero consequences and no boundaries. You see the Bible is timeless, it’s words are applicable for all times.

Tipper (my dog) was not a very good mom, for she would have her litter twice or more per year and she would pay no attention to her young ones- in fact she would abuse them, I think she even ate one on occasion. She I can tell, hated being a mom. Mom’s goat on the other hand was so different, she had a ram who could not be found one day and she cried non-stop and would not eat the whole time her kid was missing. I felt for her so much……..this for me is the same dynamic we see with humans. Some were born to be parents, others not so much, some of us are not sure while others definitely not, and in no uncertain terms. Makes me wonder if animals were not instinctive if they would be pro- choice or pro-life too.


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