The Refuge

I was always of the view that everyone left their homes for the same reason…….. I can be really naive at times. But I seriously thought that. Makes me wonder if we see objectively or judgmentally? Many days the boredom get to my head…………

Since I came here I have met a few people from varying countries. And of course conversation leads to conversation and so things come out… thing that I am finding is that people are here due to varying conditions at home.

Some because of the safety of their kids, and for their kids to just be kids and get a chance to play.

Others are escaping a grueling and competitive education system that causes children to commit suicide in droves.

Others are escaping war and persecution- yes the perennial reason.

Many have escaped a life of real poverty and despondency.

Many needed a retirement haven, better health insurance, some needed to create a family.

And then there are those of us, who have no such real and compelling reasons to come. We came because we could and because the grass looks greener over here and we are just needed a new lease on life or an adventure, a better life we like to say. I have my doubts about that now, but early days yet. In any event, just like pepper pot soup we all mix up in the same pot…………trying to figure out the Canadian dream!!!


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