Why I Exercise……..

I ate so much junk the other day, I knew I had to do something to remove the ensuing guilt. I was less worried about my arteries.

So I got home, got dressed and set out…….I wanted to challenge myself to something new. The steps I thought………

As I walked to the bus stop a child no more than 5 years old rode past me on his bicycle. I was awashed with shame….. “how hard can this be?” I thought. That’s my new project for the year……at least that’s safer than skiing. And furthermore a bicycle has to be cheaper than ski equipment and gears. Then I could ride more………funny how we always do better when the thoughts are in our heads.

I run and walked to the steps after leaving the bus. I was excited…….I took off, up I went two at a time. In no time I was out of breath and energy. By this time, others were running and walking past me, up that incline. ” I think I can”…….. “I think I can”……….although I dare not even think, I have never breathed harder.  Number 111- and I was busted. At least I have a good view. Now I was being lapped left right and center, by those running and walking. “This is my sixth time”I heard a lady tell another lady…….”six times” I thought I will not make it past two I am sure. And for the first time I understood why people had their water bottles. I was at war and I wasn’t rigged for it. I made it to the top….the view and the air were spectacular, now those are good motivators. I did my routine twice just as planned although I couldn’t do another one even if I wanted to, and going down was just as bad as going up. My legs were heavy and I was just ready to pass out. I got down safely and decided to cross the road to the park on the other side of the road.

As I trudged through the trees, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe some of those wild beasts may be around. Especially since I didn’t see any other humans over there. I found myself praying and asking God to please don’t let any of them be anywhere around. It was only when the ordeal was over that I thought how weird I must have sounded to God. Usually it’s people I would be asking for protection from, not animals.

I hate  drudgery, predictability and routine…..however, I accept that life is that way. And just as I have no control over time or the seasons (imagine waking up this morning – Mid April to snow) I have none either over the how life ebbs and flows. So every now and then I will challenge myself to something new…….like the 250 step trail up that darn hill. Because doing so, as hard as it is, is a break to the monotony.


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