Am I blaspheming?

Hockey is to Canada, what soccer is to Brazil and Football is to USA, athletics is to Jamaica…….

Now you would think that since I am encroaching on foreign land that certain things I would know, well I didn’t. And it hit home when I was invited to dinner………..

I was greeted by a sea of orange and blue jerseys ( the colours of the Oilers) well at least I knew that much. The Oilers are in the NHL playoffs and apparently some matches had been held before and they had won a few and there was more to come…..None of these important, life-threatening facts I knew……(I guess I need to watch more TV or be on social media or have more friends)…..but of course I kept this to myself.

Needless to say, I couldn’t help but wonder if I were committing Canadian Sin…….except that this time I didn’t feel I need to repent of my sins and worse than that I felt apt to repeat the sin. I am sorry Oilers and Hockey fans in general, I just dont have the energy or the interest to learn a new game……that’s hard work. Much the same way that I feel I will break out in hives, I figure -if I study anything more for the rest of my life.

Next morning I noticed something was going on with all the flags on cars and the sea of orange and blue………Thanks to a friend I now know the name Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid…..

And today I feel vindicated too as I found a Canadian ‘soulmate’, someone who does not love hockey. He however warned me that I must at least know who won a game…….Thanks Bob.


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