The way we are………

We are more alike than different,…..

  • We all like food free ……race, gender and ethnicity aside. We have preferences but free makes an otherwise undesirable meal worth a try. We get suspicious when things are free too, yet the best things in life are free. Hugs, laughter, sleep, love, family, friends, prayer, salvation, forgiveness, silence and even exercise…and the next best things they say are expensive…… Even ‘free’ health care… no matter where it is offered free……it comes with a cost, sisters and brothers one of which is waiting.
  • We all talk too much at some point……..just give us the right company, moment and circumstance and even the introvert will not shut up. I especially pay attention to myself in this regard.
  • We are all afraid to speak the truth, we all manage expectations, we all hide and cover behind many things, some are very dangerous things too.
  • We all love our comfort zone but hate routine. We all curse the heat and hide from the cold.
  • Everywhere you go, bad things happen to good people. For example, people have mishaps on buses, in taxis and on trains…the difference with here is you can’t ask the driver to give you a stop for a roadside leak or a bathroom stop. So I guess you got to do what you got to do…..unfortunately.
  • I dont know of a driver who doesn’t try to beat the red light……..
  • We all hate to carry ‘garbage’ around but some of us do it anyway, and this one is ubiquitous. So I got to thinking……why are some places so nasty and filled with garbage and others aren’t? Why are some places such a dump? Are we products of our environment or do we dictate what happens in our environment? Well I figure, garbage disposal has to become a science if you want to get it right. Its no magic wand or special people phenomenon…….its about having an efficient collection system, having a disposal unit every couple steps and ticketing those who disobey and are caught. Canada is applauded for being clean, yet I still see garbage strewn around at times……I find it very confusing as its usually a few steps from a garbage can. Unless its the wind…………
  • We all do irrational things in the name of sports and ‘red yeye’…..oh yes that one is universal. Sports is one thing that is seemingly immune to economic recessions too. I guess because its an outlet……just like Facebook. The worst part is when there are no boundaries or limits, that’s when I say “God please help us.” With everything evil lurks in the shadow of good.

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