Mood Swings

Sometimes my mind is a blank slate……and other times it feels like a minefield.

Its raining…….the most rain I have seen here, but still not the most rain I have seen in my short life. Its called a storm, but my description would be its just continuous rainfall. Its amazing how we can always find words to narrate an occurrence. According to Jodi Picoult, ‘we cannot extricate the storyteller from the story’….I need to always remember that. It is the same with pain, isn’t it? And incomes, and how much junk we hoard…..I may see it as excessive, whilst for another person its just enough.

Sometimes I love my decisions……and other times I am just swimming in regret. Decisions are not to be hastily made, neither should we think that they impact only us or are felt only in the short term.  We invariably pull others into our circle and they have long-reaching implications. Maybe if I had known this sooner I would have made different decisions, but then no choice is without consequence. That said, I love who I am, (I am still a WIP however) and I love the path I am on.

Some days don’t have enough hours……..and other days well…….they just can’t end. Paul said in Philippians 4 v 11-13 that he knows how to be when there is plenty and he also knows how to be when in need. Who among us doesn’t know what boredom, monotony, drudgery and a whole lot of times on our hands mean (and we may not been imprisoned). I hope we also know what it is to not have enough time to ‘scratch your head’. Which do I prefer? Do I have to choose? One thing I can say for sure, and its that we need both…….as much as we need day and night………

Sometimes I feel full of faith……and then the next minute I can’t define faith. I think faith looks a lot like courage and patience, humility and obedience and love at any given time. I like to think too that peace in the storm, creates a lot of faith……….and that faith is definitely not hope. Faith is about now, hope is futuristic. So does that mean that faith is sight?? Not quite……Look at Hebrews 11 v 1……and lets reflect on those bible heroes in that same chapter.

Some days I just want to talk and talk and talk……….other days I want solitary confinement.

Some days I am happy to be here…………………other days I just want to go home.

Some days I want my mother…………………..other days I am really glad to be an adult. 


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