The Barbecue

My friend is a real host………I am captivated by her skills. There was so much warmth, mirth, kindness and sincerity from the welcome and smiles at the front door to the open door policy and the decorated back porch. This has so resonated with me that for the first time in my life, I feel I should, could host a barbecue too.

You see this family is Christian and if I am to paraphrase JJ John……people want to become a christian or not become a christian for one of two reasons, they either met a christian or they haven’t met one. I believe that the way they host is exactly what is expected of us from Hebrews 13 v 2, and also is what Jesus meant at Luke 14 v 12-14 when he said ………” I was a stranger and you welcomed me….”and most certainly what Peter was referring to at 1 Peter 4 v 9.

I first heard the term ‘barbecue’ at high school. Each year this was a major fundraising event. Truth be told, since that time I have been trying to figure out if it is a noun or a verb or a little bit of both. On this particular occasion, I got my answer- for there was barbecuing at the barbecue. With that in mind, I have decided that when I visit home I will host a barbecue………or should I say a jerk (dunno).

So as I mentally think of my guest list and literally created a menu. ……..pickles, cheese, onions, chips, mustard and mayo included and then it occurred to me that I cannot host this at home without some fish, Red Stripe Beer, log wood and coal……And what about dessert? ‘Corn pone’, drops, grater cake too??????Barbecue J’can style…….not even the term ‘barbecue’ is HOMOgeneous… don’t get me started on that prefix.  Then my dear friend at home, informed me that we should host a barbecue when I come home (no, she didn’t know of my little plan)……… there you go I have a venue.

I won’t be able to replicate the eclectic mix of cultures as my friend did, we are not so diverse at home. For at hers there were continents in one place……. But I know for sure we can find the numbers, the sunshine, the games, stories, laughter and some music……… for you see when you host anything in paradise there must be music.


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