To be human………

A complex being………with a heart. The heart is treacherous…..who can know It? That’s the rhetorical question Jeremiah asked.

We are body, mind and spirit……just like the Trinity……that’s what Glennon said.

We all want to know we did okay and that we are okay ……that’s what I heard Oprah say.

Life is a stage, we are all actors………..that’s Shakespeare’s account.

Don’t compare your insides to other peoples outside…..I read that from Anne Lamontt

So who are we? What does it mean to be human?

Well if I am to follow the above,

A human has a heart that is unreliable. We all have a body and a soul too……..we all want to be validated, and we all have individual plays which coincide at times in some strange acts on varying stages.

We all compare, compete even; we feel fear, apprehension, shame, make mistakes, feel pain and fail. But at the same time we can find happy, feel joy and peace, love and trust, satisfaction and fulfillment in between. We all need faith, family and friends, purpose, meaning and counsel and to know we are not alone.

We are all born as blank slates, but with the capacity to build courage, learn empathy and gratitude, be kind and creative, humble and serve others. We also learn prejudice, to deceive and exploit, steal and hate. I went for a massage today and my therapist told me I am twisted…… I said yes, and not just physically. We burst out in laughter.

We all have things we wish to forget, utterances we want to take back, things we wish we had done or didn’t do…….but it’s all in the mix of keeping us human and humble.  It thus, goes without saying that we all NEED a Saviour. And we have one, for our Creator did not make one person who he doesn’t love and one person who Jesus did not die for.

We are all born with potential, blessed with varying gifts. “It’s our job to figure it out” that’s what Oprah said. Hard work for some, easy as cheese for others…….but according to Mark Zukerberg, it’s so much easier if we have “the freedom to fail”. I think of a high school friend who was a song bird, it was easy for her to find her true north……..and she has blessed the world with her awesome gift…….but it’s not always so easy for the rest of us to discover our God-given potential.

If you want more insight into just how human we all are……read John Ortberg’s…………………………. ‘Everybody is normal, until you get to know them’……. and ‘The Me I want to Be’


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