Have you ever…….

1 . Have you ever been stone walled? I think this comparable to water boarding.,…..not that I have ever experienced the latter.

2. Have you ever grieved from pain or a loss so much so that you don’t eat, can’t sleep and can’t find the energy to do necessary things like bathe, cut your fingernails and wash you hair? And have you ever felt joy……joy that warms and tingles, a joy you can’t find sufficient words to describe?

3. Have you ever prayed for something and gotten it? Did you want it?

4. Have you ever planned something really big and exciting ……then it fell through because you got sick or it rained, or the car broke down? What then?

5. Have you ever had a really difficult conversation?  How many?

6. Have you ever forgiven someone you swore you never would?

7. Have you ever made an irreversible error?

8. How many times have you ever said words you regret?

9. Have you ever given someone what they deserve? How did you feel afterwards?

10. Have you ever felt you NEEDED a move, more clothes, a piece of jewelry, a new job, a new relationship, and then you get it only to find out you are still needy and still broken?

11. Have you ever had something to say, and feel if you don’t say it you will burst? Follow up to #5

12. Have you ever stalked anyone? Or tried to read or read your boyfriend/husband’s/ wife/girlfriend’s text messages?

13. Have you ever fallen asleep during prayers?

14. Have you ever spat on anyone……not deliberately, maybe with food in your mouth?🙈

15. Have you ever had a time when you were relieved to know you were not alone……..or glad to know you have a ‘big daddy’?

16. Ever heard one side of a story and totally believed it and then when you hear the other side you believed it too?  I am always intrigued by evidence and cross examination, Proverbs 18 v 17 speaks to this very issue.

17. Ever had a job that was your worst nightmare, until it became the best thing to ever happen to you and then vice versa?

18. Ever had a lover with whom it wasn’t love at first sight, and then you find yourself hopelessly in love with them?

19. Ever had a friend, a really good trusted and respected friend and then you end up marrying them or one small straw breaks the camels back?

20. Heard about Ponzi schemes and scamming, and wonder how the victims can be so stupid until you meet one of the perpetrators…… or it happened to you. Have you ever been scammed?

21. Ever swore you would never do something and then the next minute you find yourself doing exactly it?

22. Have you ever heard someone’s story………and once it’s done you remove all the adjectives you had used to describe them and just think of them as human…..a person, just like you are?

23. Have you ever done a marathon? Use your imagination……..not just running, maybe talking too, or crying etc……

24. I met an Iranian taxi driver who I would rank on the top of my list for ‘Gentlemen of all Gents’……..have you too, been victim of the ‘single story’, to borrow a phrase from Chimamanda Adichie.

25. Have you ever slept for 24 straight hours? If not, what’s your record?

26. Have you ever felt you have/had too much of any one thing?


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