IMG_7712[1]I went to the top of a mountain in summer and found a lot of snow like winter……I got the worst sun burn I have ever gotten but was very cold in the shade.

I have seen in the dead of winter the brightest sunshine like summer, yet when I put my clothes out to dry it never does.

I have been outside in hurricanes in Jamaica and was never moved by the wind, yet I was here in a freak storm and was afraid of the wind.

I know no one who relishes winter yet everyone stares in awe at snowflakes, the crystal white and pristine nature of its splendour, and who doesn’t love when the frost decorates?

I want to believe global warming is a myth, but no one can dispute sea levels are rising, ice caps are melting and breaking off, summers are hotter and winters warmer? If we put it to the recesses of our mind, it doesn’t mean it is less real…..

I really want to know if it’s more difficult to raise kids now……….I don’t believe it but I have never raised a child, neither then nor now.

And who put it in man’s head to make gondolas, rocket trains, parachutes, airplanes, space shuttles, submarines, the Great Pyramids? I have my views on this………..


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