Perfect Combinations 

Some things are much better when experienced together … two ways about that……..

When we think of coffee, we remember coffee mate

When we think of a peanut butter sandwich, then it’s automatic that jelly comes to mind

One hardly speaks of a ham sandwich, but ham and cheese…..rice just goes better with red peas, ackee with salt fish makes a national dish. Now if one or more of these cannot go alone, then what says us……….as fragile and vulnerable as we are.

I had some experiences in my little life that I wouldnt even want to imagine, doing alone.

Like the submarine tour In Barbados……it was so much better with the girls. That was where I discovered that below the surface of the sea is not so level and flat…….🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐no comments on this, okay.

I got stuck underground the other day……and I didn’t even flinch. It was only after about 20 mins of being there, that I started thinking how I would feel if I were alone on that train.

The fire alarm went off the other day…..and in the panic and the shrill of that noise I just grabbed my handbag and went to the parking lot in my night gown, with all the other occupants of the building. I am so happy it’s not a high rise. That you see, is my biggest fear about living in an apartment building……but I felt way better knowing I would not be the only one losing all my possessions had it not been a false alarm🙈. Suffice to say, I was very relieved for my self and my neighbors too…….

Turbulence on an airplane….well I think everyone agrees that we take our cues from the flight attendants. Since they are cool, then so are we.

Losing a loved one….and pets are included too, is never easy. But feeling that pain alone, well that is something that can kill you too.

In the caves at Green Grotto……….being tall and  suffering from claustrophobia, makes doing this alone even more traumatic.

A shared community…….like church, walking groups, life groups, AA meetings, rehabilitation centers. How could we survive without them?

And the things we do alone…………well my view is, that’s because we have no alternative. 

Interviewing and starting a new job, I am sure we can all identify with this one. And the truth is, there is no way around this……unless you want to be stuck in your career and live with regrets.

Suffering…………any form of suffering, no one can feel pain for us……we have to go it alone. Jesus had to go it alone…….and so do we. The nail prints are there to prove.

Confronting, getting feedback, giving feedback…’s all about you, on the receiving or giving end. If we are honest, these are very  uncomfortable but necessary realities.

Dentist visits and any type of  surgery…….these are my worst nightmares.

Giving birth……..I think I know enough to know, that no one can do that for you.

Death 😬😬😬😬


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